DVD Friends and Heroes Episodes 3-4-5

DVD Friends and Heroes Episodes 3-4-5

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The ancient world of the First Century comes alive in this epic animated series from an award-winning team, with major credits on films including Star Wars and The Miracle Maker.


Friends and Heroes follows the adventures of two friends – Macky and Portia – as they fight for justice, and even survival, against the might of the Roman Empire.


In Episode 3, Leviathan, Macky and Sollie come up with a plan to sink a giant warship in Alexandria harbour. The stories of David and Goliath and God releasing Peter from prison remind us about God’s protection and never giving up hope.


In Episode 4, False Heroes, Macky’s family give shelter to Caleb and Aaron. The stories of Rahab and the Spies and Peter healing Aeneas and raising Tabitha teach about caring for others and remaining hopeful.


In Episode 5, True Heroes, reports of refugee rebels arriving by sea cause Tiberius to order the lighthouse extinguished. The stories of Gideon and the Midianites and Jesus’ Birth and The Revelation to the Shepherds show the importance of making difference and valuing everyone.